TCSG is the industry global leader in technical assessments and benchmarking, with its principals and associates having done assessments globally on TiO2 plants, Ti sponge plants and proposed projects spanning 25 years, based on first-hand experience in the design and operation of titanium dioxide plants.

Technical assessments are tailored to specific needs.

Technical due diligence typically assesses current status in terms of capacity, products, capital & operating cost, organization, technology & equipment, process control, waste treatment and overall plant metrics. Future budgets and plans are reviewed and assessments are made of potential future performance improvements and threats.

Post-acquisition evaluation typically assists with developing a detailed understanding of all aspects of the existing operations, identifying opportunities for integration and optimization of operations through internal and global best practice assessment.

Benchmark reviews on existing operations typically assess current performance against global best practice benchmarks and identifies improvement opportunities. This can cover all aspects of operations, including plant capacity, product quality, process efficiency, technology & equipment, process management & control and general plant metrics & operations management.

Critical review of proposed designs/projects and novel technology developments provides an independent assessment of the  proposed design/project in terms of feedstocks, flow sheet design, equipment & technology selection, plant lay-out, products, production capacity, process controls, capital & operating cost estimates, waste treatment, services & utilities, raw materials and general operability and maintainability.

Independent/expert assessments for insurance claims/litigation are tailored to the specific requirements of the assignment.

Assessments for suitability of titanium feedstocks include desk-top assessments based on chemical and physical characterization as well as laboratory digestion tests for sulphate TiO2 feedstocks.

TCSG offers full assistance with implementation of improvements identified during assessments.