Operational excellence is best designed into a greenfields or brownfields expansion, but based on many years of experience on ageing/underperforming assets, TCSG can also assist with many aspects of developing operational excellence on existing operations.

This spans best practice systems on:

Process control systems: process measurement, history logging and analysis tools to improve control and management of the process.
Product classification: simple-to-implement classification systems, tailored to fit the requirement of end-users.
Product portfolio and product R&D: using value analysis to simplify product portfolios and ensure that product development initiatives are both market-driven and matched to plant capacity and plant capability
Automation: accurate and repeatable but fit for purpose (not over-designed) closed loop controls
Capital control: using simple but effective tools to prioritise capital spend, and to measure progress and effectiveness of capital projects.
Technical customer service: systems and processes to provide fit-for-purpose technical support to the sales function.
Logistics: ensuring on-time in full deliveries at lowest possible distribution cost whether optimizing the existing warehousing and distribution systems or developing distribution systems into new geographic market areas. This includes minimizing of import duties.