Development of new or improved products must be underpinned by thorough market research and value analysis to maximise margins and to match the overall product portfolio with market demand and plant capability. Market research and value analysis is done in collaboration with TZ Minerals International (Pty) Ltd. (TZMI).

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Recipe/process development is done by TCSG alliance partners with experience at leading global TiO2 producers.

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Developing improved or new products is often seen as an isolated exercise of developing a coatings recipe in the laboratory, followed by commercial scale plant trials and development, with perhaps some modification of plant, equipment and controls to facilitate implementation of the coatings recipe. Often these initiatives are less successful because the uncoated TiO2 pigment is not matched to the application (for example the mean particle size and size distribution is too large for the application), and/or the existing finishing flow sheet and process controls are not matched to the application (for example inadequate post-coat washing).

TCSG assesses the plant modifications and process improvements necessary to match the uncoated pigment quality and finishing flow sheets with the product requirements, and provides the necessary flow sheet and process control designs – and assists with the implementation of these.